Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Longest bus in the world

The world’s longest bus has been presented Shanghai's Busworld Asia 2007, it works only in cities without corners or the other way would be to drive from one block to another without turning.The price? USD250,000 and this is not cheap at all, considering the fact that it is a China made bus.This 83 foot (25 meter) long bus has a capacity of 300 passengers and 40 seats, is divided into 3 compartments, due to this its speed limit is up to 51mph max (82 km/h), probably to avoid any unwanted incident.

But then with that kind of speed this bus would cause traffic jam that might clog up the city, one of the reason being that it is almost impossible to over take the bus.The world’s longest bus will be primarily used for traveling between in Beijing and Hangzhou.This attractive bus does come at a high price - between $155,000 to $250,000

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