Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arts festival

An arts festival or art fair is a festival that focuses on the visual arts, but which may also center on other arts.

Arts festivals in the visual arts are exhibitions. Artists' participation in the most significant such exhibitions (such as the Venice Biennale) are by invite, and these exhibitions are organised by internationally documented curators chosen by a committee of peers. These international exhibitions must be illustrious from art fairs, market-oriented gatherings of art dealers and their wares, which have recently emerged as among the most significant art-world venues for modern art in the present-day super-heated art market.

Arizona Elk

Elk have distinct summer and winter coats, which they shed in late summer and spring, respectively. In winter; the head, belly, neck and legs are dark brown; the sides and back are grayish brown; and the rump patch is yellowish bordered by a dark brownish stripe. While the female is usually somewhat lighter, both sexes have heavy dark manes. In summer, the coat becomes a deep reddish brown. There is little to no undercoat, giving the animals a sleek, muscular appearance.

Calves are born from late May to early June after an 8 to 8 and a half month gestation. Twins are extremely rare. Calves average nearly 30 lbs. with males averaging 4 lbs. more than females. The calf is dark russet colored with white spots on the back and sides.